For the thousands of Oregonians who appreciate and support the 1,326 cultural nonprofits in Oregon, we want to say thank you for your commitment to arts, heritage and humanities organizations within your community. Your participation in culture contributes to Oregon’s profound sense of history, artistic expression and a growing creative economy. The Cultural Advocacy Coalition is your voice in Salem and we fight for more funding for arts and culture in Oregon, but we can’t do it without you.

Donations from cultural organizations, individuals and businesses across the state make it possible for the Coalition to serve as an effective advocate for arts and culture in the Oregon Legislature.

During the 2011 Legislative Session, the Cultural Advocacy Coalition stopped a back door assault on Oregon’s Percent for Art law—buried deep in the higher education restructure bill. We fought for protections for the Cultural Trust and ensured budgets for the Art Commission, Heritage Commission and others were not gutted when legislators went looking for money to balance the budget. Despite the political challenges presented by a 30-30 split in the House and continued budget shortfalls, the 2011 session was a productive one for arts, heritage and humanities.

The 2012 Legislative Session starts in February and we have more work to do, to continue to build support for renewal of the Cultural Trust Tax Credit, to advance needed growth in critical budgets and stop proposals that would erode existing programs. Your continued support is critical to ensuring the CAC has the resources to pursue funding and policies that are desperately needed in our creative community.

We can’t advocate for culture without your support. It is your partnership that makes this work possible! Thank you in advance for your help. As a member of the Cultural Advocacy Coalition you will be joining hundreds of other leaders who are dedicated, like you, to Oregon’s arts, heritage and humanities. Our Coalition serves as the only advocacy and lobbying organization dedicated to increasing Oregon’s state-level investment in arts, culture, and heritage. In Salem, we partner with the Oregon Cultural Trust, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Heritage Commission and the Oregon Historical Society to protect and increase state funding for these essential state agencies and advocate for important cultural policy issues.

Thank you to Coalition members whose support helps bolster state funding for arts and culture–and protect Oregon’s landmark Cultural Trust Tax Credit.