Who is the CAC?

The Cultural Advocacy Coalition is a 501(c)4 non-partisan advocacy group formed to lobby policymakers in Salem to ensure that all Oregonians have the opportunity to access arts and culture in their communities.

The primary mission of the Cultural Advocacy Coalition is to increase ongoing public investment in arts, heritage and the humanities. Volunteers serve on the Board of Directors and include representatives from a broad number of interests to best represent the diverse mix of Oregon’s cultural community.

Sue Hildick / Senior Advisor
Paul Cosgrove / Lobbyist

Our Vision

A state where Oregonians are able to access and engage in arts, heritage and the humanities in their community without barriers; where students have equitable access to quality arts education throughout their academic careers; and arts and culture organizations are able to provide innovative, world class programming that allows for the export of ideas, innovation and creative work, while contributing to Oregon’s economy and quality of life.

Our Mission

Advocating for policies and funding that will create a thriving environment for art, heritage, history and the humanities across Oregon.