Dear Advocates,

The top priority for the Coalition in the 2020 legislative session is to generate more funds for Oregon’s Cultural Trust by increasing the amount contributed for cultural license plates by $10 a plate. Funds raised from the sale of these plates are dedicated to marketing and promotion of the cultural trust tax credit. We want Oregonians to be aware of and participate in building the Oregon Cultural Trust Fund, which spreads dollars statewide to support access to creative expression. We encourage contributions to cultural organizations in their communities matched by donations to the trust (which qualify for the tax credit).Advocacy

About the license plate: The current license plate was one of the first specialized plates adopted in Oregon and its cost of $30 hasn’t been raised since it was adopted. In the meantime, many other cause-specific license plates have been added to Oregon’s inventory at a higher cost, from the Trailblazers to salmon restoration, all important causes, and we believe arts and culture fans will want to make sure the funding stream from the cultural plates is also strong.

We are encouraging our members to contact their legislators in January and February to pass our legislation, sponsored by Rep. John Lively, to increase license plate fees for the culture plates to benefit the Oregon Cultural Trust (READ MORE ABOUT HB4061).

In addition, we will host a drop-in advocacy day on Monday, February 10th in Salem for those of you who are able to come down to the State Capitol. Guests can hand-deliver y letters to legislators, engage with Coalition leaders, pick up advocacy materials, and join us in our efforts to make the case.


WHEN | Monday, February 10th. Drop by anytime between 9am-1pm

WHERE | Oregon State Capitol, 900 Court St NE, Salem, OR 97301, Room 162 (see building map)

See you for Advocacy Day 2020!

Sue Hildick
Senior Advisor
Cultural Advocacy Coalition