Each biennium the cultural sector approaches the Oregon Legislature for funds to support capital projects that broaden access to creative expression for all Oregonians.  These funds are frequently referred to as Creative Resource Economic Funds (CREF) and included lottery backed-bonds as well as general fund dollars and appropriations through the Department of Administrative Services. Below is a list of public funding for community construction projects since 2013. For questions regarding 2018-2019 funded projects please reach out to us with questions at info@oregonculture.org. 


CONFLUENCE PROJECT $1.5 million to support the Confluence Project’s interpretative art installation, known as the Confluence Arc, an elevated walkway, inspired by traditional fishing platforms, by Maya Lin, at Celilo Falls Park.  (A portion of funds were expended for phase one of the project and the remaining balance is being held for when the project resumes).

HIGH DESERT MUSEUM $250,000 to renovate the Autzen Otter Exhibitto increase attendance, expand the High Desert Museum’s ability to bring in tourist dollars to Central Oregon and strengthen an iconic Central Oregon cultural resource.


OREGON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL $2 million for a multi-theatre renovation and modernization project which will improve access to the Festival’s two oldest theatres and provide improved access to the bricks, for free public performances for all visitors, regardless of mobility.

PORTLAND JAPANESE GARDENS $1.5 million to expand its visitor and educational facilities in its Cultural Crossingproject that will incorporate new gardens, state-of-the-art educational facilities, and other amenities.

OREGON PUBLIC BROADCASTING $600,000 to renovate its facility to include more flexible, accessible multi-purpose spaces to receive and engage a wider public; the construction of new radio studio; the construction of a multi-media studio to allow flexibility to create video and audio programming; and improve energy efficiency.

AURORA COLONY HISTORICAL SOCIETY $400,000 to finance the construction of a storage facility for historical artifacts.


HOLLY THEATRE $1 millionto restore the 1930 Holly Theatre, located in Medford, whose 1,003-seat auditorium will serve as the largest indoor concert and community event space in the state south of Eugene.

PORTLAND PLAYHOUSE $200,000 to support renovation of Portland Playhouse’s venue located in a historic building in the King Neighborhood in Portland.


PORTLAND ART MUSEUM $1 million to connect the Museum’s Main Building to the Mark Building through the construction of a glass pavilion—named for famed Oregon artist Mark Rothko—which will become one of Oregon’s grand free public spaces.

HOLLY THEATRE $1 million to continue restoration of the 1930 Holly Theatre in Medford.

OREGON CAVES AND CHATEAU $750,000 to rebuild three original balconies on the 1930’s era National Historic Landmark Lodge known as the Chateau, to increase accessibility and restore the Chateau’s original character.

THE DALLES CIVIC AUDITORIUM THEATER $785,000 to restore the 1921 National Historic Landmark’s theater.

EUGENE BALLET $700,000 to build a new Midtown Arts Center to accommodate growth of their ballet company and academy, while continuing to provide offices and program development space to a cross-section of the region’s signature non-profit arts organizations.

BENTON COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY $500,000 to construct a Corvallis Museum that will include galleries for changing exhibitions, education space, courtyards for outdoor sculpture, workspaces for museum staff and a museum store.

OREGON COAST COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS $300,000 to expand the Studio Theatre’s seating from 80-150, to expand the green room, dressing rooms, restrooms, kitchen, backstage storage areas and add rehearsal space.

LIBERTY THEATRE $200,000 to reclaim, restore and refurbish the historic 470 seat, Liberty Theatre in LaGrande as a performing arts center.

COTTAGE THEATER $125,000 to expand seating in the theatre from 150-200 seats, upgrade technical capabilities and safety features of the community funded theatre.

HIGH DESERT MUSEUM $125,000 to support significant renovations to the By Hand Through Memory exhibit and to develop new gallery space to feature Art of the American West.

PORTLAND INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART $100,000 to upgrade and improve a 16,000 square foot building for use as a permanent venue in Portland’s NE Eliot neighborhood.

BAGNBAGGAGE $50,000 to support the installation of a state-of-the-art 360 degree digital projection system.

APANO $300,000 for cultural center construction.


LINCOLN CITY CULTURAL CENTER $1.5M for an exterior plaza

BEAVERTON ARTS FOUNDATION $1.5M for the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts

LIBERTY THEATRE $1M for stage house and facilities improvements

OREGON NIKKEI LEGACY CENTER $500,000 for preservation and renovations

COTTAGE THEATRE $375,000 for theatre expansion

HIGH DESERT MUSEUM $250,000 for exhibit and gallery