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Join us for Advocacy Day 2015

Join us for Advocacy Day 2015 Arts and culture advocates from all walks of life and every region of the state, will be in our State Capitol on Thursday, May... View Article

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Telling Your Story

This spring was spent meeting with cultural nonprofit leaders, looking for stories. The discussions dove into the details of an organization’s achievements and challenges. Leaders talked about the future. What... View Article

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2014 Legislative Endorsements

The Cultural Advocacy Coalition, a non-partisan advocacy group specifically formed to lobby in Salem on behalf of arts, heritage and the humanities announced today the endorsement of 15 candidates for... View Article

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Your Ideas Matter

As a part of our legislative agenda development process, the Cultural Advocacy Coalition launched a short, five question community survey and invited Oregonians to weigh in, on how they hope... View Article

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2014 Election of Officers and New Board Members

The Cultural Advocacy Coalition announced the election of officers and new board members for 2014. Portland Center Stage Artistic Director, Chris Coleman has been elected President of the Cultural Advocacy... View Article

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Hunger Games

Oregon’s cultural community, is in the midst of a fight not of our choosing. We have been selected for a sort of Hunger Games of our own. The Reaping occurred... View Article

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