The Cultural Advocacy Coalition is supported by a variety of individuals, organizations, and businesses. These are the people and places that make our work possible.

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Thank you to our 2018-2019 members listed below! 

Organizations & Businesses

Individuals & Businesses

Alyssa Macy
Andrea and Ted Heid
Arlene Schnitzer
Arnie Hollander
Bernard Robe
Bonnie Reagan
Carlee Wright
Carole Morse
Carrie Strahorn
Cary Clarke
Celia Wagner
Charles Pfingsten
Charlotte Rubin
Chris Coleman
Christine D’Arcy
Dan Thorndike
Daniel Santos
Dennis Johnson
Diane and Greg Retallack

Elizabeth Leach
Eric Block
George Rowbottom
George Thorn
Ginny Lang
Irene Zenev
Jane Reid
Janet Plummer
Jeff Hawthorne
Jenny Green
Jerome Fulton
Jill Hartz
Jim and Peggy Kelter
Jody Ward
Joel Godbey
Josie Mendoza
J.S. May
Julie Vigeland
Kandis Brewer Nunn
Karen Snyder
Kari Burch
Laurie Garrett
Lisa Smith

Mandy Allen
Mary Bywater Crossing
Mary Shaw
Michael Lodge
Dr. Nancy Golden
Paul Duden and Francesca Stevenson
Paul and Cathy Nicholson
Peggy Kelter
Peter Bilotta
Richard & Karen Scheeland
Sara Mason
Sarah Richards
Scott Freck
Sharon Morgan
Stanley Penkin
Steve Bass
Sue Hildick
Suzanne O’Halloran
Tina Rinaldi
Tom Jay
Tonya DeCroce
Valerie Day