Advocacy WorkIn response to the Joint Emergency Board’s unprecedented $50 million Coronavirus Relief package for arts organizations and venues, we have been fielding several questions. We wanted to share a few resources and answer some of our members’ questions publicly.


Links and Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How were the 9 designated institutions determined? Many of the larger, statewide institutions slated to receive designated grants have been independently lobbying the legislature and the Governor’s office for emergency relief. Also, some legislators added cultural institutions in their districts during negotiations.
  • How were the designated institutions and venues selected? The nine organizations that received a total of $14,335,000 worked directly with the legislature. The 78 organizations receiving a total of $9,680,128 on the Independent Venues List was coordinated through the legislature with the Independent Venue Coalition.
  • When will designated venues and designated institutions receive their funding? The state’s Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is in the process of drafting agreements and will be in touch with designated venues and institutions soon. The state must disburse all of these funds by September 15.
  • How will the remaining $25,984,872 be distributed? We appreciate that the Legislature recognized that the list of designated venues and institutions is not exhaustive, in fact many other arts organizations and venues across the state are also in dire need of emergency relief. Business Oregon has been directed to distribute nearly $26 million through the Oregon Cultural Trust’s County and Tribal Coalitions. Arts and cultural institutions, children’s museums, county fairgrounds, cultural entities within federally recognized Indian Tribes, festivals and community event organizations will be eligible to apply. The 87 designated venues and organizations receiving grants directly from DAS are not eligible. In a statement, Oregon Cultural Trust Executive Director Brian Rogers said, “Our distribution of the relief funds will ensure that cultural organizations in every county, serving every geographic region of our state, will benefit.” The Cultural Advocacy Coalition has submitted several recommendations for distributing these funds.
  • What is the timeline for the Oregon Cultural Trust’s distributions? The Cultural Trust Board of Directors is expected to approve a statewide distribution plan on August 6, and information will be posted on the Oregon Cultural Trust website shortly thereafter. County coalitions will need to distribute these funds by September 15, 2020, so the process will be very fast once it gets started. Please take a moment now to get to know your County or Tribal Coalition, and make sure they know you.

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