Wildflowers, hand-colored lantern slide. OHS Research Library, Frank Branch Riley Collection, box 9


As you might know, April was Arts Appreciation Month and many of us are turning to the musicians, filmmakers, educators, authors, and artists to keep us sane during these difficult times. We’ve rounded up some encouraging words from the Cultural Advocacy Coalition’s Board of Directors, Oregon’s arts and culture leaders. Remember, we are all in this together. Hold your head high and honor what matters most to you. #OregonCulture

“I have no doubt that we will be the storytellers of this moment and time in history through music, poetry, theater, and all creative outlets. This will be the defining moment that solidifies the question of “why” the arts are vital in our daily lives.” – Sue Dixon, Portland Opera, General Director

“Art helps us find ourselves, and to find each other, especially in times of darkness.” – Scott Freck, Eugene Symphony Association, Executive Director

“Now and always, so much of what makes Oregon special is the web of organizations that helps people and communities connect across distance and difference.” – Adam Davis, Oregon Humanities, Executive Director

“Because art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time it is more important than ever.” – J.S. May, Artists Repertory Theatre, Managing Director

“When we uplift our cultural and creative community, we uplift everyone – and that is the only way we are emerging stronger from this crisis.” – Madison Cario, Shared by Jeff Hawthorne, Regional Arts and Culture Council consultant 

“Bang a drum. Strike a key. Pluck a string. Hum a tune. Connect with the rhythms of the world around you, the energy of the earth beneath your feet… and breathe.” – Janet Plummer, Oregon Symphony, Chief Financial & Operations Officer

“Arts, culture, heritage and humanities have made our state great!  We are the medium of human communication and understanding. You can’t live without us, so we will survive and thrive!” – Dr. Nancy Golden, Cultural Advocacy Coalition, President

“Whether you are in the performing or visual or literary arts go there for your inspiration and sustenance. They will keep you sane and centered.” – Catherine Rickbone, Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, Executive Director

Dare to dream, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on…” – Prospero, The Tempest – Shared by Daniel Santos, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Board Member

“Arts and culture has long been a way for humanity to experience joy, connect to each other, understand our world and heal from trying times. Today we’re here, standing in solidarity with our communities, ready to help us all move forward together.” – Dana Whitelaw, High Desert Museum, Executive Director

“As I sit here listening to USA for Africa “We are the World,” I am humbly reminded who what the arts can do if we simply join arms and work together. The arts and the joy they bring are worth saving in Oregon.” – Ginger Savage, Crossroads Carnegie Art Center, Executive Director

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” Fred Rogers – Shared by Ginny Lang, Lang Consulting, Owner

Header image: Wildflowers, hand-colored lantern slide. Oregon Historical Society Research Library, Frank Branch Riley Collection, box 9