Life Support

Dear Coalition Members and Advocates:

We wanted to update you that life support options for Oregon’s performing arts venues are still pending. The legislative Emergency Board did not meet last week, but is expected to meet soon.

There is still time to use your voice!

We need letters, emails, and phone calls to Emergency Board members who are listed below.

Key points to make:

  • We support life-support for Oregon’s venues where art and culture live.
  • Venues are statewide. If you live outside of Portland, your voice is especially important.
  • Venues are ALL independent in Oregon, we want to keep them that way. Money spent in Oregon venues stays in Oregon.
  • These are places where families meet and gather. Where couples meet and families start. Culture and community.
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs. Thousands of livelihoods.
  • Economic impact: Over a billion!
  • People move to Oregon to be a part of the music and arts performance network. It’s something Oregon is proud of.
  • These stages give voice to the voiceless and to perspectives that would otherwise not be heard.

The Emergency Board Contact Emails:
Representative Tina Kotek (Address as “Speaker Kotek”)
Sen. Peter Courtney (address as “President Courtney”
Senator Lew Frederick:
Senator Bill Hansell:
Senator Betsy Johnson:
Senator James Manning:
Senator Arnie Roblan:
Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward:
Senator Kathleen Taylor:
Senator Chuck Thomsen:
Senator Fred Girod:
Representative Christine Drazan:
Representative David Gomberg:
Representative Paul Holvey:
Representative Susan McLain:
Representative Rob Nosse:
Representative Greg Smith:
Representative Duane Stark:
Senator Lynn Findley:

 Thank you for joining us in this effort!
Cultural Advocacy Coalition