This spring was spent meeting with cultural nonprofit leaders, looking for stories.

The discussions dove into the details of an organization’s achievements and challenges. Leaders talked about the future. What was on the horizon? What did they hope to accomplish and what will it take to succeed? All of this was used to better understand organization’s interests and the environment they operate in, but also to make sure that the work that the Coalition does in Salem, lobbying on behalf of arts and culture, is responsive and relevant; that the Coalition is lobbying for things that will make a difference.

Spending time with individuals who are passionate about the work they do; have weathered storms and adapted to new realities was a privilege. There were countless stories of free public concerts, arts education, new initiatives, transformed neighborhoods, world class programming and innovative partnerships. This work matters to individuals, communities–and policymakers. Engaging in the legislative process is not an act of civic futility. Broad participation enriches the public dialogue.

The more diverse the voices are, in the halls of government, the more representative our government and its policies will become. Policymakers need to hear your unique story.

The Cultural Advocacy Coalition is the only statewide lobbying organization dedicated to protecting and advancing arts and culture throughout Oregon. We work with professional lobbyists to ensure that your interests are well-represented when issues come before policymakers that impact culture.

The Coalition knows what makes art, history and the humanities relevant to policymakers. It is your work, your passion, your story and we are privileged to share it.

  • With $1.2 billion in economic impact, your work is a valuable economic engine.
  • Arts and heritage in our schools have been shown to increase graduation rates, lower absenteeism and bolster student test scores.
  • The presence of cultural providers in a region fortifies healthy local economies that are beautifully complex and unique, in both rural and urban areas.
  • The cultural community actively celebrates and preserves our rich history, and revitalizes neighborhoods and regions through creative placemaking.
  • Your work allows Oregon’s export of innovation and creative excellence.
  • Art and the humanities deepen our ties as a community; bringing us together for shared experiences and expanding our understanding through music, dance, poetry and conversation.

You contribute to an Oregon that is stronger, culturally richer and more connected. Whether you are a maker, patron, supporter or provider of culture, we work on your behalf and we are privileged to tell your story.