We have worked side by side this session to renew the Cultural Trust tax credit. And, we need your help one more time. This isn’t a fire drill, we need advocacy right away. If you have just a moment, please send a message immediately to your House and Senate members to ask them to advocate and vote for renewal of the Cultural Trust tax credit (and this is very important) for six years, without any changes.

Here is the scoop as to why we need you to take action right away: the Oregon House of Representatives is in the process of deciding whether to continue–or end– a number of tax credits this session. This past Friday afternoon, the House Revenue Committee was provided four different tax credit scenarios for consideration, based upon the availability of money to pay for the different plans.  Some of those plans protected the Cultural Trust tax credit and some of them did not. One plan would cut the credit in half—and another would allow it to expire completely. This is not good news at this stage of the session. It is critical that we reach out to legislators in both the House and Senate. Please help, by asking legislators to move the Cultural Trust Tax Credit “as is” for a full six year renewal.

It just takes a single click to send a message directly to your House and Senate member. We have pre- written a message that can be sent immediately. The message can also be edited before you send it. If you represent a nonprofit that has received a grant from the Cultural Trust, if you are with a county or tribal coalition; if you care about the work of the Trust, the Heritage Commission, Arts Commission, State Historic Preservation Office, Oregon Humanities or the Oregon Historical Society, please personalize the letter with your own story. Legislators have very little time to wrap up this session’s work and finalize Oregon’s two year budget. We need your help now.

Thank you for your commitment to Oregon culture and your willingness to advocate to protect it.