To Oregon’s beloved Cultural Institutions,

The Cultural Advocacy Coalition thanks you for your dedication to stewardship of Oregon’s arts and culture. Collectively your work creates a statewide ecosystem, which supports Oregon’s rich cultural life and opportunities inseparable from our state’s vitality.

The mission of the Coalition is simple: We advocate for policies and funding that will create a thriving environment for the arts, culture, heritage, history, and the humanities across Oregon.

Since 2013, the Coalition/CAC has successfully advocated for over $13 million in state proceeds, which have been used to support capital projects of cultural institutions. This funding “leverages art and cultural resources to create vibrant public spaces that integrate art and cultural and natural amenities, sustain Oregon’s rich arts and cultural experiences and enhance a strong sense of place and community identity.”  You can view previously funded capital construction projects and grantees of the Cultural Resource Economic Fund (CREF) on our website. 

We realize the broad sweeping impact of this crisis has created uncertainty around every corner. Today, however, we are writing to request a bit of information. The Coalition is currently reviewing potential capital projects in advance of the 2021 legislative session. While we do not yet know if funding will be available, we are proceeding with the process and this information will help us further understand the ecosystem and overall demand for capital resources.

Review the Cultural Resource Economic Fund (CREF) FAQs for common questions. 

Please submit the form below by Monday, June 1st by midnight.

Thank you in advance for your time. We look forward to following up with details in the near future.

Cultural Advocacy Coalition


Responses are due by Monday, June 1st by midnight.
Review the Cultural Resource Economic Fund (CREF) FAQs for common questions.

Form Now Closed. Note: If you missed the June 1 deadline to let us you know about your potential CREF project, please email questions or concerns to info@oregonculture.org.